Zaproszenie na szkolenia EBMT

Zaproszenie na szkolenia EBMT

Dear all,

it is our great pleasure to announce two exciting events from the PDWP in the field of CAR T cells therapy:

First, we will host an e-learning webinar on June 19th, 16-17:30 CEST, entitled “Update on CAR T-cell therapy on paediatric leukemia”, which provides an update of the state-of-the-art for CAR T-cell therapy for paediatric leukaemia and addresses the key issues in this field. This webinar is suitable for both paediatric and adult physicians/trainees with an interest in CAR T-cell therapy.

Moderators will be Persis Amrolia, Matthias Eyrich and Jochen Büchner, discussing with the speakers:

  • Approaches to managing early loss of CAR T persistence in ALL – Sara Ghorashian,
  • CAR T-cell therapy for AML- state of the art – Tobias Feuchtinger,
  • Variables impacting outcome of CAR T-cell therapy for paediatric ALL – Liora Schultz.

You may register – free of charge – on the EBMT homepage.

Second, we are very glad to announce our educational event for November, 14-16th in Malaga, where we will have a joint meeting together with TCWP on “Complications post CAR T – cell therapy in paediatric and adult patients”.

Please find the registration form as well as the scientific program with the following link.

We are looking very much forward to meet you in both occasions.