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Complications post CAR-T Cell Therapy in Paediatric and Adult Patients. How to improve efficacy-future challenges

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Explore Complications post CAR-T Cell Therapy in Málaga, Spain

Submit your Case Report and grant application before 4 August

Save the dates for an immersive educational experience in the field of CAR-T, and additionally enjoy some sunshine in November in Southern Spain! The joint event by the Paediatric Diseases and Transplant Complications Working Parties covers both common and rare complications post CAR-T cell therapy.

Take a chance and present your work by submitting your Case Report in order to win a special Travel Grant to cover your expenses! We are happy to announce also a special track for nurses!

The Case Report topics include:

  • Patient journey through CAR-T therapies
  • Cytokine release syndrome after CAR-T therapies
  • Infectious complications after CAR-T therapy

Nurse’s Track – Case Report topics:

  • Nurse’s track: Paediatric care
  • Nurse’s track: Adult care

We look forward to seeing you in November. Make sure not to miss the Case Report submission deadline on 4 August!

Submit your case.

Early Bird Discount.


15 listopada
16 listopada
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